May 13. 2020.
Two-goal win over ZTE at the Groupama Arena
In our second training match today, we won by two over ZTE.

Today we played two training matches: first in the morning against Paks at Népliget, then in the afternoon against ZTE at the Groupama Arena. We started against Zalaegerszeg with the following line-up: Dibusz - Lovrencsics, Blazic, Csontos, Civic - Haratin, Leandro - Isael, Skvarka, Szánthó - Boli
The first momentum to record was a huge Dibusz save but then we controlled the game without problem. In the 12th minute we took the lead: Boli scored. Then we received a penalty in the 39th minute which Haratin converted to a goal. The second half was spent mostly with field play and despite some chances on both sides, the result remained 2-0.

Training match, Groupama Aréna
FTC-ZTE 2-0 (2-0)
FTC: Dibusz – Botka (Lovrencsics, 63.), Blazic, Csontos, Civic – Haratin (Sigér, 63.), Leandro – Isael (Lodico, 80.), Skvarka, Szánthó (Ramadan, 78.) - Boli
ZTE: Demjén (Szemerédi, 70.) - Bolla (Kocsis, 63.), Katanec (Bobál D., 46.), Lesjak (Szépe, 46. (Sebestyén, 80.Ö), Tamás (Németh, 63.) - Bedi - Radó, Barczi (Ostrek, 46.(McWoods, 76.)), Bőle (Mitrovic, 46.), Babati (Zimonyi, 70.) - Bobál G. (Meshack, 46.)
Goal: Boli (12.), Haratin (40. - penalty)



By the triumph over Újpest Ferencváros became champion for the third year in a row.

The first 0-0 of the season

We could not break Kisvárda’s defense and collected only one point.

Not yet champions

FTC finished 1-1 against Puskás Academy.

Closer to the 32nd

By the goals of Uzuni, Boli, Sigér and Kharaishvili FTC defeated Budafok in NB I.

FTC – Paks: 5-2

A goal-rich victory over Paks to finish the weekend with.

Boli double but another draw

Ferencváros played out a 2-2 draw in Zalaegerszeg.


With Boli’s header we collected three points against DVTK.

Two quick goals and a draw

Zubkov-double, Mak missed a penalty and MTK stood up from 0-2.

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