February 15. 2020.
Very important 3 points
By the goal of Zubkov, we defeated MOL Fehérvár 1-0 at the Groupama Arena. Our advantage grew to 6 points.

The most awaited match was played between FTC and MOL Fehérvár FC tonight at the Groupama Arena. Before the start of Round 21 we found ourselves already in a very good position: Fehérvár FC played 2 more games but we had 3 points advantage. Tonight our team wanted to show from the first second which the better team is and did not let Fehérvár build any significant chance. On the contrary, ours built spectacular attacks and only an accurate finishing was missing in the first half. However, the supporters did not have to wait long in the second half to see the only goal of the match: in the 51st minute Zubkov passed the ball into the net after Tokmac’s crossing. Then, we even missed a penalty and some other one-on-one attacks but this did not endanger our lead.
Nothing changed until the final whistle, we won the match very confidently. We lead with six points now and if we win the two postponed matches, we might go up to 12 points advantage, nine rounds before the end of the current season. 

NB I, Round 21
FTC–MOL Fehérvár FC 1-0 (0-0)
Budapest, Groupama Aréna. Játékvezető: Berke Balázs
FTC: Dibusz - Lovrencsics (Botka 81.), Blazic, Otigba, Civic – Sigér, Haratin - Zubkov, Isael, Tokmac (Varga 78.) – Boli (Frimpong 86.)
Head coach: Sergei Rebrov

MOL Fehérvár FC: Kovácsik – Hangya, Juhász, Musliu, Stopira – Pátkai, Elek – Petrjak (Futács 83.), Kovács I., Houri (Milovanov 74.) – Hodzic (Nikolics 61.)
Head coach: Joan Carillo

Goal: Zubkov (51.)
Yellow: Civic (12.), Boli (28.), Otigba (36.) illetve Elek (30.), Musliu (33.), Hodzic (56.), Hangya (64.), Futács (91.)
Red: Elek (87.)


FTC – Kaposvár 5-0

Knock-out victory in a closed-gate match.


The health of the people is the first for FTC, so our upcoming home games will be played behind closed gates.

ZTE – FTC 1-1

Draw against the 100-year old ZTE FC.

Two-goal win over DVSC

The final result was created already in the first half.

Second defeat in the season

Nothing worked well in Mezőkövesd, we lost 3-0.

Still on the top

FTC played out a 0-0 draw against Budapest Honvéd at the Groupama Aréna.

Kisvárda – FTC 1-2

Close win in Kisvárda.

Knock-out on first spring match

We started with a 4-0 win over Paks after the season break.

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