November 1. 2023.
In dramatic circumstances we qualified against Puskás Akadémia in the MOL Hungarian Cup.

Our 34-time champion men's football team hosted Puskás Akadémia in the Groupama Arena in the fourth round of the MOL Hungarian Cup. Our team has a busy schedule this week, with a derby against Újpest on Sunday, a clash with Felcsút today and a visit to Kecskemét on Saturday. Due to the constant workload, Dejan Stankovic made several changes to the line-up compared to the weekend, sending out a starting line-up of Varga Ádám - Pászka, Aaneba, Wingo, Civic - Ben Romdhane, Esiti - Gojak, Tokmac, Marquinhos - Lisztes.

First half

We had to wait until the fifth minute for our first chance, when Civic aimed at Markek's goal, but his flat shot was saved by the opposing goalkeeper. However, it was our opponents who took the lead, in the ninth minute Puljics beat Gruber, who shot past Ádám Varga into the net (0-1). Five minutes later our goalkeeper had to intervene, as Gruber saved another attempt. In the 18th minute Ben Romdhane shot, but his effort missed the top bar by inches. Soon after, Tokmac was in position but his attempt sailed over the goal.

However, our continuous attacks were not without results, and in the 34th minute the ball found Civic, who volleyed into the visitors' goal from the corner of the penalty area (1-1). Six minutes before the end of the period, our left-back threatened again, his slipped shot hitting the post. In the 44th minute we came close to taking the lead, Aaneba headed in but Markek saved well. In the half-time extra time, however, the opponent's goalkeeper was helpless, Aaneba again found the net from Gojak's corner and nodded it into the net, scoring on his debut for our team in his first competitive match (2-1).

Second half

After the break, our team led the attacks with the same momentum as at the end of the first half, in the 50th minute Pászka shot first on goal, but his long range attempt went past the bottom left corner of the goal. In the 57th minute the visitors equalised, Gruber scored again after a counterattack (2-2). In the 64th minute Dejan Stankovic decided to change on the team, Tokmac was replaced by Owusu. A minute later, our Ghanaian legionnaire almost scored, but after a series of dribbles from Lisztes, he missed the target.

In the 72nd minute our head coach sent on Abu Fani, Ramírez and Makreckis. Seven minutes later, Traoré, returning from injury, came on as well. In the 83rd minute, Abu Fani took aim at the Felcsút goal and his curling effort was just inches wide. With a minute left of normal time, Ramírez also had a long-range effort saved by Markek. A minute later, Makreckis also shot wide, but again the opposing goalkeeper was on hand. Despite our chances, the result was still even after 90 minutes and extra time was called.

Extra Time

Our team dominated in the extra time, we led the attacks, but we could not score. The most promising situation of the extra time came in the 110th minute: Abu Fani received a ball in the box, he outwitted several defenders, his shot was already sent by Markek, but Stronati blocked it.

Four minutes later, the ice was broken: at the end of a right-wing attack, Marquinhos fought his way through the opposing defenders, passed to Traoré, who scored from five metres (3-2). Two minutes later, the visitors scored too, after a long-range shot was saved by Ádám Varga, but after a corner, Favorov headed into the goal, the goal was long reviewed by VAR, but it was finally validated (3-3).

But the dramatic end of the game was not over yet, during our last attack Colley touched the ball with his hand, the penalty was awarded to Abu Fani, whose legs were not shaking, and the game was over.

After an extraordinary fight, our team won 4-3 and qualified for the last 16 of the MOL Hungarian Cup.

MOL Hungarian Cup, Round 4

FTC-Puskás Akadémia 4-3 (after extra time) (2-1)

FTC: Varga – Pászka, Aaneba (Abena, 91.), Wingo, Civic (Ramírez, 72.) – Ben Romdhane, Esiti (Abu Fani, 72.)– Gojak (Makreckis, 72.), Tokmac (Owusu, 64.), Marquinhos – Lisztes (Traoré, 79.)

Puskás Akadémia: Markek – Maceiras (Szolnoki, 79., Ominger, 91.), Golla, Stronati, Ormonde-Ottewill – Corbu, Favorov, Levi (Sosialo, 71.) – Puljics (Plsek, half time), Gruber (Colley, 71.), Komáromi (Slagveer, 71.)

Yellow card: Makreckis (104.), illetve Sosialo (96.), Golla (97.), Slagveer (100.), Plsek (104.)

Red card: Favorov (120+3). 

Goals:  Civic (34.), Aaneba (45+4.), Traoré (114.) Abu Fani (120+5.), resp Gruber (9., 57.), Favorov (120). 



We finished 1-1 against DVSC and qualified for the next round in the cup with penalties!

Újpest - Ferencváros 0-5

Barnabás Varga and Aleksandar Pesic both contributed with doubles to our 5-0 victory.


Ferencváros suffered a 1-0 defeat to Olympiacos in the return leg.


Clément Turpin, referee of the Champions League and Europa League finals, is the referee against...


After a goal in the 83rd minute, our team will be one goal down in the return leg in Budapest.


Ferencváros turned the result and won over DVSC by goals of Varga and Zachariassen.


The 19-year-old national team striker Zsombor Gruber will continue his career at Ferencváros.


Ferencváros claimed a 5-1 victory over MTK in the Eternal Budapest derby.

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