March 7. 2020.
ZTE – FTC 1-1
Draw against the 100-year old ZTE FC.

The supporters of Zalaegerszeg and Ferencvaros are well known for their friendship, it is always a big day when our team visits Zalaegerszeg. Today the home team was even celebrating the centenary of the club’s establishment, hence a full stadium and even a marching band prepared for the game.
ZTE played bravely and made Dibusz work many times during the game. He stood firm so we could take the lead in the 20th minute by Tokmac. After the goal, ZTE almost equalized immediately, but Dibusz saved our former player, Radó’s shot. In the second half we were close to extending our lead, Varga’s shot hit the bar, but from the counter attack ZTE received a penalty. Instead of us leading 2-0, Radó scored from the penalty and the final result became 1-1.

NB 1, Round 24
ZTE FC–FTC 1-1 (0-1)
ZTE FC: Demjén - Bolla, Szépe, Lesjak (Bobál D., a szünetben), Bedi - Mitrovic, Katelaris - Barczi Ostrek, 76.), Stieber, Radó - Bobál G. Head coach: Márton Gábor
FTC: Dibusz - Lovrencsics, Blazic, Civic, Heister - Sigér, Haratin - Varga, Lodico (Skvarka, 64.), Tokmac – Boli. Head coach: Sergei Rebrov
Goals: Radó (80.), resp. Tokmac (20.)
Yellow: Szépe (41.), resp. Civic (59.)
Red: Civic (92.)


FTC – Kaposvár 5-0

Knock-out victory in a closed-gate match.


The health of the people is the first for FTC, so our upcoming home games will be played behind closed gates.

Two-goal win over DVSC

The final result was created already in the first half.

Second defeat in the season

Nothing worked well in Mezőkövesd, we lost 3-0.

Very important 3 points

By the goal of Zubkov, we defeated MOL Fehérvár 1-0 at the Groupama Arena. Our advantage grew to 6 points.

Still on the top

FTC played out a 0-0 draw against Budapest Honvéd at the Groupama Aréna.

Kisvárda – FTC 1-2

Close win in Kisvárda.

Knock-out on first spring match

We started with a 4-0 win over Paks after the season break.

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