May 27. 2021.
Our women's football team defended their championship title!

Our Hungarian champions women's football team, which recently won the Hungarian Cup for the sixth time in a row, won an away game (3-0) on Sunday, May 23 against the big rival MTK Hungária FC in the first clash of the Simple Women's League NB I championship final. This success also meant that if FTC-Telekom manages to win the second match, this time at home grounds,  they would become the Hungarian champions. 

The game started off with an opportunity on our side. In the 10th minute, Cameron gained possession of the ball in the opponent's half of the pitch and passed to Vágó Fanny at a great pace, who first got away from two defenders, then did a trick, and finally raised the ball to the top right corner of the goal, it was a great series of moves! (1-0) Four minutes later we almost scored the second, after Fenyvesi's pass, Zlidnis headed up close, but the attack was stopped before it got very dangerous near the net.

In the 22nd minute, after a beautiful attack, we scored our second goal: Fenyvesi passed from the middle to Vágó who went right at a great pace, then she crossed to the middle to Tiffany Cameron, who did not miss the opportunity. (2-0) Two minutes later our goalkeeper, Chandra Bednar, was in the center of attention, as she managed to pull away the ball from an attacker opponent, but then the two players collided, so she needed some assistance from our medical staff, but luckily our goalkeeper was able to continue the game.

The first big chance of the second half was on our side as well. In the 49th minute, Mosdóczi did a trick on the right wing, then passed perfectly to the middle to Cameron, who just missed the bottom right corner. However, a minute later there was no more mercy. Vágó sent the ball to Pusztai Sára, who could shoot at an empty net (3-0). In the 54th minute, the referee awarded a penalty to MTK, which was shot by Petra Kocsán successfully (3-1).

In the 70th minute, MTK was able to score once again. After a corner, Szemán-Tóth Barbara headed the ball into our net (3-2).

In the last minutes, MTK did everything they could and bombarded our side of the pitch with their attacking, but it was not enough. 

Ferencváros won the second match of the championship final and the celebration could begin: our women's football team reached the top of the cutting edge championship for the fourth time in its history after 2015, 2016, and 2019!


Cup victory for the sixth year in a row!

Our women’s soccer players broke their own record and topped the rankings by winning the cup final.


FTC-Women’s Football won the third championship title in its history!


The ladies football team of FTC is one victory away from becoming champions.

Historical win

FTC Women’s football won the domestic cup title for the fourth time – VIDEO!


FTC Women’s Football scored in the 87th minute and went through to the final.

10 goals in Ujpest

FTC claimed a 10-goal victory over Ujpest.

Win over Győr

FTC women’s football division claimed a 2-goal victory over Győri ETO in NB I.


FTC knocked out Győr in the women's football domestic cup final. Third consecutive year with a cup title!

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