May 7. 2021.
Cup victory for the sixth year in a row!
Our women’s soccer players broke their own record and topped the rankings by winning the cup final.

The match started off rather unluckily for us: our goalkeeper Chandra Bednar and Inna Zlidnis didn't understand each other, and that resulted in an own goal. Our Estonian defender seemed to be trying to correct the mistake with extra motivation, and the team sped things up right after the cold start, gaining several opportunities to take the lead, particularly when Fenyvesi Evelin slipped through the defense on the right and scored the equalizor. 

Quickly after we even took the lead, after a corner Melisa Hasanbegovic sent the ball into the net with a header. 

Following the break, our pressure resulted in a fast goal. After a right-hand pass, Vágó was able to shoot, first, the goalkeeper saved, then Sipos Lilla kicked the bouncing ball where it belongs. Fradi continued to dominate in the second half and even pulled off a bigger advantage when Betsy Brandon scored in the 61st minute. In the 85th minute, we could top the final with a fifth goal on behalf of Vágó Fanny.

With the 5-1 victory of FTC-Telekom, we won the National Women's Hungarian Cup in 2021 as well. Ferencváros won the trophy for the sixth time in a row, breaking its own record, and the record of László Hospital SC in the eternal ranking.

Women's football, Hungarian Cup, final
Új Hidegkuti Nándor Stadion
Astra-ALEF HFC-Üllő - FTC-Telekom 1-5 (1-2)
Astra-ALEF HFC-Üllő: Farkas K. – Rozmis, Véninger, Csizi (Nádudvari A., 85.), Vidovenyecz (Király, 68.) – Vidács – Gelb (Nádudvari A., 85.), Erdész, Vicsek – Szakonyi (Dikanová, 63.), Sipos. Head Coach: Szász Ferenc. 
FTC-Telekom: Bednar – Rőhberg, Hasanbegovic, Zlidnis (Mosdóczi, 46.) – Nagy Virág (Szabó V., 61.), Fenyvesi, Brandon, Marques (Czellér, 74.), Papp L. (Pusztai, 46.) – Vágó, Cameron (Siklér, 74.). Head Coach: Dörnyei Balázs.
Scorers: Zlidnis (2. - öngól), illetve Fenyvesi (8.), Hasanbegovic (12.), Sipos (48. - öngól), Brandon (61.), Vágó (85.)
Yellow cards: Erdész (10.), Csizi (43.)



Our women's football team defended their championship title!


FTC-Women’s Football won the third championship title in its history!


The ladies football team of FTC is one victory away from becoming champions.

Historical win

FTC Women’s football won the domestic cup title for the fourth time – VIDEO!


FTC Women’s Football scored in the 87th minute and went through to the final.

10 goals in Ujpest

FTC claimed a 10-goal victory over Ujpest.

Win over Győr

FTC women’s football division claimed a 2-goal victory over Győri ETO in NB I.


FTC knocked out Győr in the women's football domestic cup final. Third consecutive year with a cup title!

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