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November 4. 2018.
Dramatic Win
In another thrilling battle FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria won against BBM Bietigheim in the women’s Champions League.

Head coach Gábor Elek and the rest of the handball division at Ferencváros expected a very tough game against Bietigheim in the women’s Champions League. Although the arena was fully packed in Érd and the Fradi ladies fought with their heart and soul, it felt in the beginning that they are not able to take the lead. With incredible efforts in the 21st minute Schatzl Nadine scored again for Fradi and created the 11-10 result. What’s more, by half time Fradi had a four-goal advantage. The team could not rest because the German team closed up again in the second half and most of the times the difference remained one or two goals. In the last 10 minutes the Germans even turned the result and the Fradi ladies had to fight with double the effort to turn in the end-play. They did it with the superb performance of Nerea Pena, Gréta Márton and Anikó Kocsacsics! With this win Fradi is very close to go through to the next round.

FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria - SG BBM Bietigheim 33-30 (17-13)
FTC: Bíró B. – Faluvégi 1, Pena 3, Kovacsics 15 (5), Mészáros R., Háfra N. 7, Schatzl Nadine 2
Substitutions: Szemerey (kapus), Hornyák D., Klivinyi 4, Lukács V., Márton 1
Head coach: Elek Gábor
BIETIGHEIM: Eckerle – Malestein 6, Van der Heijden 4, Naidzinavicius 5 (3), Visser 2 (1), Lauenroth 1, Braun 4
Substitutions: Salamakha (kapus), Kudlacz 5, Rozemalen, Schulze 3
Head coach: Martin Albertsen
Érd, 2200 spectatiors. Ref: Brkic, Jusufhodzic (Austrian)
Result by minute. 4. p.: 1–3. 12. p.: 6–8. 17. p.: 9–9. 21. p.: 12–11. 27. p: 15–12. 35. p.: 21–16. 39. p.: 22–20. 43. p.: 25–22. 50. p.: 26–27. 56. p.: 30–27. 58. p.: 30–29.
Suspensions: 8, resp. 6 mins
Seven-meter throws: 7/5, resp. 7/4


Pádár: „I am grateful that I have achieved so much. ”

Ildikó Pádár loved every minute of his career, but she said that not only sports matters in life.

CL: Incredible excitement and victory

We had to fight, we had to suffer, but our team did it and acquired 2 points in the Champions League!

First win

We claimed the first win today in the Women’s Handball Champions League.

New sponsor for our ladies handball team

Lidl Hungary and FTC Kézilabdasport Nonprofit Kft have signed a sponsorship agreement.


We started the game emboldened, but in the last minutes of the first half the game was already decided.

Sleepy First, Excellent Second Half

We only had a one-goal advantage at half time but showed great performance in the second against Dunaújváros.


The goalkeeper and playmaker of Ferencváros women’s handball leaves in the end of the season.

We got to the finals in the Hungarian Cup

We were hoping for a smoother game, but our way forward was never in danger.

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