October 19. 2019.
First win
We claimed the first win today in the Women’s Handball Champions League.

The past games were not the best for our ladies’ handball team and we suffered some painful defeats. Today was however a new chance against Podravka. The first half was tough on both ends, we struggled with both defense and offense but the scoreboard showed 17-17 when the teams left for half time. Gábor Elek’s team shifted gear for the second half and we lead nice and nicer attacks. This way we won confidently, 37-31.

Women’s Handball Champions League
Group A, Round 3
Érd, 1800 spectators. Ref: Florescu, Stoia (Romanians)
FTC: Bíró B. – Lukács V. 4, KLUJBER 11 (3), KOVACSICS 7 (1), Snelder 3, Háfra N. 3, SCHATZL NADINE 4. Csere: Szemerey (kapus), Pásztor N. 1, DEBRECZENI-KLIVINYI 4, Csiszár-Szekeres, Márton G.
Head Coach: Elek Gábor

KOPRIVNICA: Riszovics – Turk 3, STANKO 7, CAKALU 4, Debelic 5, Milosavljevic 8 (4), Karlovcan 2. Csere: Ecimovic (kapus), Milosevic 1, Dzono, Djordjijevszka, Mugosa 1, Franusic.
Head Coach: Zlatko Saracevic
Result flow. 6. min: 2–2, 13. m.: 4–7, 17. m.: 8–8, 21. m.: 9–12, 25. m.: 12–14, 31. m.: 18–17, 35. m.: 20–20, 42. m.: 25–22, 46. m: 29–22, 52. m.: 33–25,57. M.: 35–28
Suspensions: 8, resp. 12 mins
Seven-meter throws: 5/4,resp. 6/4


Pádár: „I am grateful that I have achieved so much. ”

Ildikó Pádár loved every minute of his career, but she said that not only sports matters in life.

CL: Incredible excitement and victory

We had to fight, we had to suffer, but our team did it and acquired 2 points in the Champions League!

New sponsor for our ladies handball team

Lidl Hungary and FTC Kézilabdasport Nonprofit Kft have signed a sponsorship agreement.


We started the game emboldened, but in the last minutes of the first half the game was already decided.

Sleepy First, Excellent Second Half

We only had a one-goal advantage at half time but showed great performance in the second against Dunaújváros.


The goalkeeper and playmaker of Ferencváros women’s handball leaves in the end of the season.

We got to the finals in the Hungarian Cup

We were hoping for a smoother game, but our way forward was never in danger.

We won two points and secured the third place

We had the lead during the whole game and earned two points against Krim Ljubljana.

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