May 7. 2021.
Sensational victory! We knocked out Győr!
With incredible energy, playing in ecstasy, we defeated Győr with nine goals!

On February 3, our women's handball team lost 33-27 against the defending champion ETO Győr, and the match highlighted many things: it showed that (for at least forty-five minutes) this year's Ferencváros can perform at the standard in Győr, and also that ten minutes of ups and downs cannot fit in at this level.

In the rematch, on Wednesday afternoon, we needed to pull off a seven-goal success to overtake Győr. Due to the form of the two teams and the absence of Anikó Kovacsics and Janurik Kinga, the minimal, one-goal victory would have been a great success. 

The end of the first half was big for us! We defended well and blocked Győr for six minutes, Bíró Blanka pulled off many great saves, but all the members of our defense did their thing in ecstasy, Anett Kisfaludy, Márton Gréta or Angela Malestein defended as their life would depend on it. The audience was also grateful for the uncompromising play, the amazing faith that flowed from the players' eyes, and maybe many didn’t even believe what they were seeing. For the thirtieth minute, we worked off the six-goal disadvantage (17-11).

In the 42nd minute, we were leading with ten goals against Győr. It was unbelievable! With 18 minutes left in the game, we wished we could end it with that result, as our opponent can get back in the game at any time, they can rise back easily even from the losing position. It was a question of how we would handle the last minutes without the team captain. 

We did everything we could, we defended and even attacked. We saved shots, also conceded goals, but we responded by scoring our own goals. In the end, the scoreline showed our determination and willpower. We defeated Győr 31-22, and with that, we overtook them and took the first place on the table

Round 23

FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria - Győri Audi ETO KC 31-22 (17-11)
Elek Gyula Aréna
FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria: Bíró – Schatzl 1, Szucsánszki 3, Csiszár-Szekeres, Bölk 8, Malestein 10(2), Benhke.
Substitutions: Kisfaludy, Stolle, Márton 1, Klujber 5, Háfra 3.
Head coach: Elek Gábor
Győri AUDI ETO KC: Leynaud – Lukács, Nze-Minko 3, Oftedal 3, Amorim 2, Fodor 3, Edwidge.
Substitutions: Solberg (kapus), Brattset 1, Hansen 1, Görbicz 2(2), Kristiansen 5, Faluvégi 2.


With spectacular play, the champions are: FTC!

Our women's handball team finished the season off with entertaining play and a title.

Miracle: We defeated Esbjerg

Almost Unbelievable! Without our eight players, we won in Denmark, standing up from a four-goal disadvantage!

Pádár: „I am grateful that I have achieved so much. ”

Ildikó Pádár loved every minute of his career, but she said that not only sports matters in life.

CL: Incredible excitement and victory

We had to fight, we had to suffer, but our team did it and acquired 2 points in the Champions League!

First win

We claimed the first win today in the Women’s Handball Champions League.

New sponsor for our ladies handball team

Lidl Hungary and FTC Kézilabdasport Nonprofit Kft have signed a sponsorship agreement.


We started the game emboldened, but in the last minutes of the first half the game was already decided.

Sleepy First, Excellent Second Half

We only had a one-goal advantage at half time but showed great performance in the second against Dunaújváros.

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