February 24. 2019.
Thüringer defeated
With 60 minutes confident play the women’s handball team goes through in the Champions League.

FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria won 30-29 over Thüringer in the 4th Round of the second group stage of the women’s handball Champions League. With this victory the ladies go through to the next round, regardless of the other results.



We got to the finals in the Hungarian Cup

We were hoping for a smoother game, but our way forward was never in danger.

We won two points and secured the third place

We had the lead during the whole game and earned two points against Krim Ljubljana.

We gained a point in Győr

Just like a few weeks ago in Érd, this game also ended up being a draw against the ETO.

Érd defeated

After a great start, the handball team had difficulties in the middle but then won confidently over Érd –...

Dramatic Win

In another thrilling battle FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria won against BBM Bietigheim in the women’s Champions...

Fantastic Win!

With great dedication and heart FTC defeated Bietigheim in the Women's Champions League.

Incredible win

In a thrilling game FTC defeated Vipers with Kovacsics’ last-second goal.

Drama and Silver

In a dramatic and tearful match FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria finished second in the women’s handball league –...

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