May 29. 2021.
With spectacular play, the champions are: FTC!
Our women's handball team finished the season off with entertaining play and a title.

Everyone knew what the stakes were, what the odds were. Hours before the start, the crowd swarmed around the Elek Gyula Arena, the air was boiling, everyone wanted one thing: to be a champion at the end of the day.

The fans who completely filled up the arena gave a huge boost to the girls and we started the game accordingly, Emily Bölk opened the scoring. In the first minutes our opponent, MTK was able to keep up, until the scoreline showed 3-2, not long after 8-3 was displayed. Then MTK shook themselves up and found our net three times in a row. We weren't playing around either and changed the rhythm of the game. Thanks to the goals of Emily Bölk and Angela Malestein, we built up a reassuring advantage. We left with a five-goal lead for the break.

We were still thirty minutes away from the dream, the league title, and all it took was to keep at least one goal to our advantage. In the meantime, of course, we could have hoped that we would have more strength in the second part of the game, we had to stay focused. 

First, we achieved a seven-goal lead, but then we conceded two goals. Bíró Blanka was showing superb play, the chants on the stands motivating her even more. We were keeping up the confident advantage as time ran out. We were getting closer and closer to the gold medal...

In the last ten minutes, the only question was how big the goal difference would be. Kovács Anett showed no remorse and kept on scoring goals after goals, barely making a mistake. Everyone was waiting for the end, for it to become reality. The stands, the bench could not wait for the celebration. 

Then the game was over, after the 2014/15 season, Ferencváros could lift the championship cup high up in the air again.

at Elek Gyula Aréna
FTC: Bíró B. – Malestein 6 (2), Klujber 4 (1), Szucsánszki 2, Behnke, E. Bölk 7, Márton G. 2. Csere: Janurik (goalkeeper), Csiszár-Szekeres, Kisfaludy, Háfra N. 3, Tóth Nikolett, Stolle 2, Kovács Anett 5, Schatzl Nadine 3, Pásztor N. 1. Coach: Elek Gábor
MTK: Suba – Juhász Eszter 2, Dakos 2, Szabados G. 1, Bujdosó-Gerháth 3, Marincsák 5, Pelczéder 1. Csere: Győri B. (goalkeeper), Szekerczés 1, Pál T. 4 (2), Sallai 1, Sári 1. Coach: Golovin Vlagyimir


Sensational victory! We knocked out Győr!

With incredible energy, playing in ecstasy, we defeated Győr with nine goals!

Miracle: We defeated Esbjerg

Almost Unbelievable! Without our eight players, we won in Denmark, standing up from a four-goal disadvantage!

Pádár: „I am grateful that I have achieved so much. ”

Ildikó Pádár loved every minute of his career, but she said that not only sports matters in life.

CL: Incredible excitement and victory

We had to fight, we had to suffer, but our team did it and acquired 2 points in the Champions League!

First win

We claimed the first win today in the Women’s Handball Champions League.

New sponsor for our ladies handball team

Lidl Hungary and FTC Kézilabdasport Nonprofit Kft have signed a sponsorship agreement.


We started the game emboldened, but in the last minutes of the first half the game was already decided.

Sleepy First, Excellent Second Half

We only had a one-goal advantage at half time but showed great performance in the second against Dunaújváros.

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