March 31. 2019.
Dramatic Win in Csíkszereda
With a 1-1 result in normal playing playing time, FTC won the match in extra time.

The final battle in Erste League started first with a 7-3 knock-out defeat than a 7-2 in victory in Budapest. On Saturday the battle continued in Csíkszereda. The first period ended with 0-0 and the referees controlled the game this time firmly. In the second period however our team took the lead putting the Transilvanian arena to silence. The closing period the home team resurrected and managed to equalize, making it to a extra time match. The rules in extra time are that the teams play 4 vs. 4 until the first and winning goal. This winning goal on Saturday was scored by the FTC-Telekom players.

This has been the team’s first victory in Transilvania this season, but right on the most important match. The next game is organized on Sunday at 17.30 (CET).

Ice Hockey, Erste League, Playoff, Final, 3rdmatch
Sportklub Csíkszereda - FTC-Telekom 1-2 (0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 0-1 – extra time)
Sportklub Csíkszereda: Lundström (Onodi) – Bjelov, Papp Sz., Antal Zs., Taratuhin, Krasznoszlobodszev – Sulakov, Salló, Részegh T., Valchar, Rokaly Sz. – Farkas T., Flinta, Casaneanu, Becze, Bíró T. – Györfy, Horváth L., Rokaly N. Sándor Z., Egyed R. Head coach: Hozó Levente.
FTC-Telekom: Arany (Pleszkán) – Jászai, Perrier, Nagy G., Walls, Pavuk – Kärmeniemi, Rantanen, Switzer, Tóth Ri., Tóth A. – Sarcia, Hegyi, Farkas S., Roczanov, Tóth G. – Tóth Re., Lengyel, Rafaj, Dósa, Pozsár. Head coach: Fodor Szabolcs.
Shots: (5:9, 14:13, 11:10, 1:3) 31:35
Defense: (9:5, 12:14, 10:10, 2:1) 33:30 / 94.29% : 96.77%
Suspension: (2:2, 2:2, 0:4) 4:8
Advantage in suspension: (3 / 1) 33.33% / (1 / 0) 0.00%
Defense in suspension: (0 / 1) 100.00% / (1 / 3) 66.67%
Goals: Becze (46:07, EE, Sulakov, Valchar), resp.Tóth A. (39:53, Switzer, Hegyi), Perrier (67:23, Switzer)
Part time result so far until 4 wins: 2-1 toFTC-Telekom


Important international hockey cup in Budapest

Our hockey players won 3-1 against the Latvian star team on the last day of the Budapest tournament.

Great victory – Bronze in the Cup!

With a 4-2 win over DVTK, FTC Ice Hockey claimed the bronze medal in the Hungarian Cup!


According to the decision of the Hungarian Hockey Association, FTC-Telekom won the interrupted OB I.


Our hockey team started with a 6-3 victory over UTE in the OB I final and the semi-final of the Erste League.

sensational! cup victory after 25 years!

Our men's ice hockey team defeated the previous cup-winner Hydro Fehérvár AV19 in the finals.


The Canadian Don MacAdam who has been to the NHL will be the successor of Kercsó Árpád at our hockey team.


Our ice hockey team won 5-2 against Csíkszereda and won the Erste League - VIDEOS!

Hungarian Champions after 22 years

FTC-Telekom, the club’s men’s ice hockey team became Hungarian champions after 22 years again!

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