March 6. 2019.
Forward to the semi-final
Winning 5-1 in Wien, FTC Ice Hockey goes thorugh to the semi-final with a 4-0 aggregate result.

In the playoff of Erste League, the club's men’s ice hockey team encountered Vienna Capitals II. The first three games our team won confidently and Tuesday night the last round, the fourth game was organized in Wien. This season we had won against the second team of Vienna Capitals  seven out of seven matches before yesterday’s final.

Although the match started as an equal battle and the first period ended 0-0, in the second period our players scored three times while the home team only once. Then in the last third our team could extend the lead with two more goals, winning the match 5-1.

FTC-Telekom this way qualifies to the four best teams for the first time in the history of MOL/ERSTE League.


Ice Hockey, Erste League playoff, Quarter final, Match 4

Vienna Capitals II - FTC-Telekom 1-5 (0-0, 1-3, 0-2)

, Erste Bank Arena, Halle 3

Vienna Capitals II:
 Zimmermann (Tschrepitsch) – Saari, Satmark, Preiser, Antal, Bauer – Piff, Hedberg, Pohl, Maurer, Maxa – Pallierer, Posch, Pohl, Maurer, Maxa – Birnbaum, Rantfl, Schlögl, Artner.
Head coach
: Santeri Heiskanen. 

 Arany (Pleszkán) – Kärmeniemi, Rantanen, Nagy G., Walls, Pavuk – Perrier, Jászai, Switzer, Tóth Ri., Tóth A. –  Hegyi, Sarcia, Roczanov, Hardi, Dósa – Boros, Lengyel, Tóth G., Pozsár, Farkas.
Head coach
: Fodor Szabolcs.

 (7:17, 8:18) 15:35 

 (17:7, 15:7) 32:14 / 91.43% : 93.33% 

Suspension minutes:
(4:14) 4:14

Advantage from suspension:
(1 / 0) 0.00% / (1 / 0) 0.00%

Defense in suspension:
 (0 / 1) 100.00% / (0 / 1) 100.00% 

Schlögl (28:42, Piff), resp. Switzer (20:33, Tóth A., Rantanen), Nagy G. (30:55, Pavuk, Walls), Tóth Ri. (31:06, Tóth A., Switzer), Switzer (43:39, Tóth A., Tóth R.), Rantanen (57:52, empty goal)



The hockey team of FTC won the first game in the quarterfinals against the Vienna Capitals.

Main Round Champions

By defeating Gyergyói HK 4-3 FTC won the ice hockey main round after 24 years.

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