April 2. 2019.
Our ice hockey team won 5-2 against Csíkszereda and won the Erste League - VIDEOS!

It is always phenomenal to celebrate a championship title. On Tuesday night our hockey players stepped on the ice with thoughts like these, they had to be victorious in this one last game to win the Erste League for the first time. 

All the tickets were sold for the fifth game against Csíkszereda, The Ice Arena of Pesterzsébet was completely full. The teams started the game with lots of energy, there were some dangerous opportunities for both of the teams, but Csíkszereda was the first to score the goal. The players of Fradi were a little surprised at the way the opponent started, but we quickly got ourselves together, had even more chances and avoided a second goal from Csíkszereda.

In the second period, we were putting on an entirely different game. Our defense was almost perfect and we started attacking the net of the opponent insistently, we really wanted to win this game. The hard work paid off – we quickly scored 3 goals. In the 33rd minute, Lauri Kärmeniemi scored the first Fradi goal of the game, making the score even. We didn’t have to wait long for that second goal, we took the lead with the goal of Farkas Lőrincz. Before the end of the period, Tóth Adrián also found the net and we left the ice with a leading 3-1.

The third period started wonderfully! Nagy Gergő, our captain scored right at the beginning and we were leading 4-1. Our defence was still strong, Arany Gergely was amazing in the net.Tóth Gergő scored the fifth Fradi goal with amazing play. 

Csíkszereda was able to score one goal before the end of the game, but that wasn’t enough, Ferencváros won. And with that, we won the Erste League for the first time. We had an amazing and successful season! 



Erste League, final, 5th game

FTC-Telekom – Csíkszereda 5-2 (0-1, 3-0, 2-1)

Scorers:  Kärmeniemi (33:06), Farkas L. (33:52), Tóth A. (36:22), Nagy G. (41:59), Tóth G. (46:45) ill. (Shulakov (09:10), Krasnoslobodtsev (55:41)



The Canadian Don MacAdam who has been to the NHL will be the successor of Kercsó Árpád at our hockey team.

Dramatic Win in Csíkszereda

With a 1-1 result in normal playing playing time, FTC won the match in extra time.

Hungarian Champions after 22 years

FTC-Telekom, the club’s men’s ice hockey team became Hungarian champions after 22 years again!

Forward to the semi-final

Winning 5-1 in Wien, FTC Ice Hockey goes thorugh to the semi-final with a 4-0 aggregate result.


The hockey team of FTC won the first game in the quarterfinals against the Vienna Capitals.

Main Round Champions

By defeating Gyergyói HK 4-3 FTC won the ice hockey main round after 24 years.

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