March 9. 2020.
Our hockey team started with a 6-3 victory over UTE in the OB I final and the semi-final of the Erste League.

Ferencváros got into the National Championship finals and the semi-final of the Este League after fighting off Fehérvár. The fans had to wait 28 years to see FTC play against their biggest rival, UTE in the OB I finals. 

The game started with a quick chance from our side, but Nagy Gergő couldn’t put the puck in the net. After an attack from Újpest which ended up with an amazing save from our goalie, Nagy Kristóf, we were able to score – Pavuk passed to Kulmala and we opened the scoring (1-0)

Our second goal came from a power play situation, Kärmeniemi doubled our advantage (2-0)

Before the end of the first period, UTE was able to get back in the game, as they scored their first goal during power play (2-1).

In the second period, Újpest was more alert, they kept on blocking all our shots, we couldn’t score at all in this third of the game, not like the purple team, they evened the scoreline after one of our players was sent to the penalty box for two minutes (2-2).

The third period of the game started with lots of Fradi opportunities, but Duschek from UTE saved everything he could. The fans could feel that the team needed a little extra support, so they started chanting even louder, this surely helped the boys, we took the lead again right away with Roczanov’s goal (3-2).

We kept on this momentum until the end of the game: Tóth Adrián also scored after Nagy Gergő built up a great attack (4-2), then our captain, Nagy Gergő was able to shoot the puck where it belongs too (5-2).

UTE was not completely lost yet though, they were able to make the scoreline more favorable for them (5-3)

In the last minutes of the game both teams were fighting hard, Újpest even sent their goalie off the ice, thanks to that, Kulmala was able to score in the empty net (6-3), and we won the first game against UTE. 


Men's ice hockey, Erste League semi-final, OB I final
FTC-Telekom – UTE 6-3 (2-1, 0-1, 4-1)
FTC-Telekom: Nagy K. (Maros) – Kärmeniemi, Sarcia, Juusela, Nagy G., Tóth Ad. – Boros, Pulli, Kulmala, Pavuk, Switzer – Rantanen, Tóth Gergely, Hajós, Németh, Tóth Ri. – Jászai, Tóth Re., Farkas, Roczanov, Tóth Gergő head coach: Fodor Szabolcs
UTE: Duschek (Márkus) – Henderson, Varga, Benk, Pance, Sikorcin – Kiss-Rusk, Saukko, Ainsworth, Di Diomete, Reed – Kovács, Nagy Nilan, Godó, Rafaj, Vincze – Horváth, Kovács, Odnoga head coach: Baróti Zsolt
Shots: (17:10, 16:12, 22:6) 55:28
Saves: (9:15, 11:16, 5:18) 25:49 / 89.29% : 89.09%
Scorers: Kulmala (01:52, Pavuk), Kärmeniemi (14:35, EE, Pavuk, Sarcia), Roczanov (49:19, Kärmeniemi), Tóth Adrián (51:07, Nagy G.), Nagy Gergő (53:26, Tóth Ad.), Kulmala (59:03, empty net) and Reed (17:48, EE, Di Diomete, Ainsworth), Rafaj (31:18, EE, Di Diomete, Reed), Sikorcin (53:37)



The championship is decided in the seventh game, and Fradi play Gyergyo in the final of the Erste Liga.

Important international hockey cup in Budapest

Our hockey players won 3-1 against the Latvian star team on the last day of the Budapest tournament.

Great victory – Bronze in the Cup!

With a 4-2 win over DVTK, FTC Ice Hockey claimed the bronze medal in the Hungarian Cup!


According to the decision of the Hungarian Hockey Association, FTC-Telekom won the interrupted OB I.

sensational! cup victory after 25 years!

Our men's ice hockey team defeated the previous cup-winner Hydro Fehérvár AV19 in the finals.


The Canadian Don MacAdam who has been to the NHL will be the successor of Kercsó Árpád at our hockey team.


Our ice hockey team won 5-2 against Csíkszereda and won the Erste League - VIDEOS!

Dramatic Win in Csíkszereda

With a 1-1 result in normal playing playing time, FTC won the match in extra time.

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