January 27. 2019.
Main Round Champions
By defeating Gyergyói HK 4-3 FTC won the ice hockey main round after 24 years.

In the last round of Erste League’s main round in season 2018/2019 FTC-Telekom men´s ice hockey team played against Gyergyói HK. Before the match our team had a six-point advantage over Csíkszereda but they played two games less than FTC. Therefore, FTC needed to win in normal playing time to win the main round. The last time our team managed to reach this success in 1995.

Our players did not have a good start however, the opponents took the lead already in the 2nd minute. Then ours stood up and turned the result. From this point the match was balanced but ours did not let the win out of their hands and won 4-3.


Ice hockey, Erste Liga, Main Round
FTC-Telekom – Gyergyói HK 4-3 (3-1, 1-1, 0-1)
FTC-Telekom: Arany (Pleszkán) – Rantanen, Kärmeniemi, Nagy G., Walls, Pavuk – Perrier, Jászai, Tóth A., Switzer, Tóth Ri. – Hegyi, Sarcia, Farkas, Rafaj, Dósa – Lengyel, Tóth Re. – Roczanov, Tóth G., Pozsár. Vezetőedző: Fodor Szabolcs.
Gyergyói HK: Ruczuj (Szakács) – Jezsov, Kozma, Constantin, Csergő, Pesztunov – Góga, Orbán, Steén, Tomanek, Vorobjev – Bobcek, Ferenc Csibi, Benedek, Péter, Sára – Ivácson, Timaru, Barabás, Daradics, Elekes Darabont. Vezetőedző: Mikael Tisell.
Shoots: (17:8, 19:4, 12:7) 48:19
Defense: (7:14, 3:18, 6:12) 16:44 / 84.21% : 91.67%
Suspensions: (2:4, 6:31, 2:2) 10:37

Goals: Rafaj (06:01, EE, Tóth A., Pavuk), Perrier (09:30, EE, Tóth A., Pavuk), Switzer (15:54, EH, Walls, Kärmeniemi), Sarcia (32:44, Roczanov), illetve Góga (01:27, Vorobjev), Elekes Darabont (23:06, Constantin), Csergő (49:19, Pesztunov, Constantin)






The Canadian Don MacAdam who has been to the NHL will be the successor of Kercsó Árpád at our hockey team.


Our ice hockey team won 5-2 against Csíkszereda and won the Erste League - VIDEOS!

Dramatic Win in Csíkszereda

With a 1-1 result in normal playing playing time, FTC won the match in extra time.

Hungarian Champions after 22 years

FTC-Telekom, the club’s men’s ice hockey team became Hungarian champions after 22 years again!

Forward to the semi-final

Winning 5-1 in Wien, FTC Ice Hockey goes thorugh to the semi-final with a 4-0 aggregate result.


The hockey team of FTC won the first game in the quarterfinals against the Vienna Capitals.

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