January 19. 2020.
sensational! cup victory after 25 years!
Our men's ice hockey team defeated the previous cup-winner Hydro Fehérvár AV19 in the finals.

Our Hungarian and Erste League Champion ice hockey team played against Hydro Fehérvár AV19 in the Hungarian Cup finals. The last time we got this far to win the cup was 20, and the last time when we were actually able to hold the cup as ours was 25 years ago. 

Fehérvár started the game with dynamic and attacking play, they opened the scoring with the goal of Erdély in the 6th minute (1-0). As a reaction to the goal both our fans and players woke up and were pressing extra hard in the remains of the 1st period. Barely half a minute later Kulmala headed towards the net, then he passed to Gergő Nagy on his left, and the captain dropped a huge bomb into the goal of Fehérvár (1-1).

In the next few minutes, both teams attacked alternately, making it hard to break each other's defense, the goalkeepers both did an amazing job to avoid goals, but then we were able to take the lead, our captain passed the puck to Kulmala who – like Nagy – fired the puck with tremendous power into Fehérvár's net (1-2)

The second period began with the equalizer of Sarauer from Fehérvár (2-2). He was penalized right after the goal, and our team was able to use the power play, Aki Juusela got the job done and put the puck in the net (2-3). We continued on attacking in the rest of the period, but we couldn't turn our chances into goals, so we left the ice for the break leading with one goal. 

Fehérvár started the third period with great eloquence and determination, they kept on trying to turn the scoreline, but our defense blocked all their attempts. Finally, they were able to even once again, Arany saved, but then Fehérvár acquired the puck again, and Busenius scored (3-3).

We didn't wait with our answer, Sarcia scored a marvelous goal, he sent the puck from the blue line right to the net (3-4). Then Juusela scored his second and the team's fifth goal (3-5). Right before the end of the game, Nagy Gergő put the puck in the empty net, so he also ended the match with scoring twice (3-6).


Men's ice hockey, Hungarian Cup, Final

Hydro Fehérvár AV19 – FTC-Telekom 3-6 (1-2, 1-1, 0-3)

Hydro Fehérvár AV19: Ouzas (Kornakker) – Campbell, Szabó, Erdély, Mihály, Sarauer – Stipsicz, Tikkanen, Kuralt, Timmins, Yogan – Busenius, Harty, Girard, Kóger, Sárpátki – Kiss, Dézsi, Szabó Coach: Hannu Järvenpää
FTC-Telekom: Arany (Nagy K.) - Kärmeniemi, Pulli, Nagy G., Németh, Tóth Ad. - Rantanen, Tóth Gergely, Kulmala, Pavuk, Switzer - Hegyi, Sarcia, Hajós, Juusela, Tóth Ri. - Boros, Tóth Re., Farkas, Roczanov, Tóth Gergő Coach: Fodor Szabolcs

Scorers: Erdély (05:54, EH, Tikkanen), Sarauer (29:58, Stipsicz, Erdély), Busenius (50:14, Kuralt) illetve Nagy G. (06:33, EE, Kulmala), Kulmala (12:33, EE, Pulli, Nagy G.), Juusela (32:56, EE, Nagy G., Rantanen), Sarcia (52:22, Kulmala), Juusela (57:02, üres kapu, EH), Nagy Gergő (58:38, üres kapu)



The championship is decided in the seventh game, and Fradi play Gyergyo in the final of the Erste Liga.

Important international hockey cup in Budapest

Our hockey players won 3-1 against the Latvian star team on the last day of the Budapest tournament.

Great victory – Bronze in the Cup!

With a 4-2 win over DVTK, FTC Ice Hockey claimed the bronze medal in the Hungarian Cup!


According to the decision of the Hungarian Hockey Association, FTC-Telekom won the interrupted OB I.


Our hockey team started with a 6-3 victory over UTE in the OB I final and the semi-final of the Erste League.


The Canadian Don MacAdam who has been to the NHL will be the successor of Kercsó Árpád at our hockey team.


Our ice hockey team won 5-2 against Csíkszereda and won the Erste League - VIDEOS!

Dramatic Win in Csíkszereda

With a 1-1 result in normal playing playing time, FTC won the match in extra time.

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