February 22. 2019.
Getting to know the new fradi.hu!
Our club's official website, fradi.hu was renewed. We'll show you where to find everything easily.

FTC's official website has a renewed look. We'll try to summarize below, where to find all the content easily.


The main page


By clicking on fradi.hu on the main page - doesn't matter what sport we're talking about - will always lead to three most actual articles about Fradi. On the right-hand side, you can rewatch the latest episode of Fradi TV.
Our fans can already single it out here for one given sport. Football, handball, ice hockey and water polo have separate main pages, so if you click on them, you'll be able to see solely the content about the given sport. If you go to "other sports", you can get the latest news about all the other sports.


Just below the main content, you'll be able to find the dates for all the upcoming sporting events, and just below that you can find all the other events and there's a chance for buying a ticket for it.

Scrolling down you'll get to the Fradi Media box, where you'll find photo galleries and videos in one place. Further down, there are the most popular products of the Fradi Shop and with just one click you'll be directed to the webshop.

If you're looking for the upcoming games or events, or you want to check the results or the standings, you'll find everything in the match center. And with just one click you can get to your chosen sport.

Even further down on the main page you can still find useful information about the Fradi Museum, the Albert Foundation or the Groupama Arena. Besides that, you can get in contact with all the sports sections. 
All of these could be found in the menubar above.


Football has got a separate endpoint, where you can find all the information about football: news, photos and videos, squads, standings, but that's the same in the sections endpoint as well.
In the match center "events, results, standings" will stay at one place, but with the help of the filters, you can find all the information you need. That's where you can find the live commentary as well, but the latest commentaries will always be found on the main page as well.
All the information about tickets is in one place as well. By clicking on Tickets then on Buy your ticket, you'll be given all the information about the event itself, and how to get to that given event. 

Fradi Now

On the menubar, there's a green endpoint, called the Fradi Now. By clicking on it, you can follow what's happening around Fradi through our social media pages.
We're wishing pleasant browsing on our website! The possibility is there, that in the first stage of the new website there might be some smaller issues, if so, please send us your remark to szerkesztoseg@fradi.hu email address, so you'll be able to get not only the latest news on Fradi but a smooth website as well! Thank you!

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Fradi now
Fradi now