June 9. 2022.
Common charity programme for Ukranian children
The FTC, in cooperation with the Mazsihisz, organised a cultural programme for 50 Ukrainian children.

Hungary is providing support to refugees fleeing the war between Russia and Ukraine, and Ferencvárosi Torna Club is doing its part to help as well. Since March, Ferencváros has been providing continuous sporting opportunities at its Népligeti Sports Centre for Ukrainian children who have left their homeland behind. The youngsters are given football training by the age-group coaches of the Fradi academy, four times a week.

From U13 to U19, sometimes fifty or even a hundred Ukrainian children regularly kick the ball in Fradi kits. Ferencváros provides the children with everything they need for everyday life and sport, from toiletries to sports equipment.

On Tuesday, after the children's daily training session, Ferencváros - together with the Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary - organised an off-field programme for the youngsters. The Ukrainian children visited the St. Stephen's Basilica, where József Bánki, former football player of Ferencváros, guided the youngsters.

The young people visited the Dohány Street Synagogue, where they learned about the history of the world's second largest synagogue and the symbols of Hungarian Jewish culture.

The special day ended with a lifted pizza party at the synagogue on Rumbach Street.



Our two-time Olympic champion won two gold medals on Saturday at the World Championships in Montreal.

Outstanding! Liu Shaoang is an Olympic champion!

Liu Shaoang won all 3 races on Sunday in the 500-m distance, and added a chapter to Hungarian sports history.

Together we are more in Fradi!

FTC has made a film for the 10th time, in which the club raises awareness on the fight against exclusion.

The Fradi application has been renewed!

New options, games, an easier way of purchasing tickets – all in the fresh Fradi app!

Double victory: the Liu brothers are world champions!

Liu Shaoang came first on 500 meters and Liu Shaolin Sándor on 1000 meters.

FTC is joining World Fair Play Day

Ferencvárosi Torna Club is taking another step to promote fair play.

Donating millions of HUF to Children's hospitals

Our football team is charitable this year too by donating to four children's hospitals in Budapest.

Announcement: Winners of the Fradi Fair-Play Award

Leandro de Almeida and László Bázsa-Mosó receive the Fradi Fair-Play Award in 2020.

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