February 14. 2019.
Olympic Champion Skaters in Fradi
Fradi announced at a press conference that after 62 years the FTC Skating Section is reestablished.

In Ferencvárosi Torna Club the speed skating and figure skating sports both started in 1951. Unfortunately, speed skating wasn’t for long, it only lasted 6 years, but we still had a Hungarian Champion, Kónya Béla. 


Figure skating in Fradi lived on for much longer, it survived the vicissitudes of the ’50s and the athletes achieved outstanding results, but in 1982, skating was fully abolished in Fradi. 


After 62 years without speed skating in Ferencváros, our Club announced at a press conference in Groupama Arena that the FTC Skating Section is re-established! The leadership of Fradi supports the re-establishment of a new section after the resurrection of the boxing department in 2014 and the return of the fencers in 2017.


The FTC Skating Section started the work with very good transfers right away. The first skaters of the re-established section are the Liu Brothers: Olympic, world and European champion Liu Shaolin Sándor and his brother, Olympic, and European Champion Liu Shaoang. The skaters of the team that won the first Hungarian Winter Olympic Gold in skating are also joining Ferencváros, as well as their fellow competitors, Cole and John-Henry Krueger and the successful coach Bánhidi Ákos.


Nyíri Zoltán, executive vice president, Ferencvárosi Torna Club:

“The best at the best place!  Our fundamental value is that we work in favor of Hungarian sport, to have the best athletes in one place. FTC is a club which is able to provide the appropriate circumstances and the opportunity to step further. A significant skater junior team is also joining us. We’re proud that the boys and their coaches chose us and we believe that they’ll be successful in the future too for the Hungarian sport. I wish them a lot of strength and success." 




Liu Shaolin Sándor, Olympic Champion Short Track Speed Skater, Ferencvárosi Torna Club:

“After the Olympic Games, there was an article about how I should motivate myself and what should I do to be successful later on too. I became an Olympic champion at a very young age, so I need some new energy. I talked with my brother a lot about how joining Ferencváros would be that new inspiration, so I’m very happy that we’re here. We’ll do everything to be successful in the green and white, Fradi colors.”


Liu Shaoang, Olympic Champion Short Track Speed Skater, Ferencvárosi Torna Club:

“During the Olympic Games, I said that this medal is not the end, it is a beginning. An important milestone in this process is that we’ll continue our career in Fradi. I hope this will be a successful cooperation, I’m very happy to be here!"




Liu Shaolin Sándor was born on the 20th of November in 1995 in Budapest. He’s half Chinese on the paternal side, but he achieved everything in Hungarian colours. 


He’s been competitive in speed skating since 2005. Before joining FTC, he was the athlete of TRGSE, SPSC and MTK. In 2011 he went on his first National Championship and acquired a silver and two bronze medals. A year later he collected 2 gold and 2 silver medals on his 2nd National Championship.


In 2013 he came third on the Junior world and European Championships, in 2014 he won the World Championship. He got his first adult gold medal in Seoul, in 2016 on the world Championship. In the next 3 years, he won the European Championship 4 times. 

On the 22nd of February in 2018, he won gold in the 5000m relay, becoming the first winter olympic champion in the history of Hungary.




Liu Shaoang  was born on the 13th of March in 1998. His father is Chinese, his mother is Hungarian, his brother is Liu Shaolin Sándor. His nickname is Ádó which was given to him by his mother. 


He’s been competitive in speed skating since 2006. Before joining FTC, he was the athlete of TRGSE, SPSC and MTK. He won his first international medal on the junior world championship in 2014, he won a silver in relay. His biggest achievement is winning the gold in the 5000m relay on the winter Olympic Games in 2018, the first ever Winter Olympics title of Hungary.


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