December 6. 2019.
The winners of the Fradi Fair Play awards
An unselfish and lifesaving act was rewarded by the Fradi Fair Play Committee - VIDEO!

FTC held its annual Fair Play Awards gala for the third year, at the Elek Gyula Arena. At the celebration of our club's unique initiative, the True Green and White Hero award and the Fradi Heart award were both given out.

This year, the True Green and White Hero award was given to our athlete, Goschi Anna. 

At the National Championship, she competed in the triple jump, but during one of the jumps, the machine registered an additional meter. She and her trainer and the leader of the Athletics division, Vágóné Solti Mária immediately pointed out that the result was wrong, but because of the electronic system, the jump could not be deleted. Anna had to receive the bronze medal, but after that, she met up with the girl who came third according to the real results and gave her the medal.


The committee decided, that the Fradi Heart award would be given to Karácsonyi Vazul, the technical manager of our women's water polo team, for a truly heroic deed. During an afternoon training session, Vazul saved a girl from the bottom of the pool, who swallowed her earplug and gave her quick and professional first aid. He thus saved the life of the little girl.


Olympic Champion Skaters in Fradi

Fradi announced at a press conference that after 62 years the FTC Skating Section is reestablished.

Evelyn Verrasztó at Fradi

The European champion, Olympic Hungarian swimmer continues his career at Ferencvárosi Torna Club – VIDEO!

Win over PVSK

Pécs made Fradi’s job difficult, but the waterpolo team won confidently.

Cup Winners

After 22 years FTC-Telekom Waterpolo became cup winners again.

Super Cup-winners

Ferencváros’ water polo team became European Super Cup winner! In the final FTC defeated Olympiacos in...

13 wins

The ice hockey team of FTC performs so well as long before.

Péter Bácsi World Champion

The 82 kg wrestler, Péter Bácsi became World Champion on the Budapest World Championship!

New name, big aims

From the new season the waterpolo division will use FTC-Telekom Waterpolo name as per the agreement of the...

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