April 10. 2018.
Stadium tour
Visit the Fradi Museum and the explore the Groupama Arena on its stadium tour.

Stadium tour

From where: Main entrance of Groupama Arena
When: Every hour, the first tour starts at 11 a.m., the last at 4 p.m. on weekdays and at 2 p.m. on weekends.
What’s included: home dressing room, side of the field with the benches, VIP area of the stadium.

Prices, opening hours, accessibility, contacts


• Students/pensioners (and visitors with a valid ticket for the matches without age limit) HUF 1,400/person
• Adult HUF 2,800/person
• Group discount (over 20 people) HUF 1,200/person

With your ticket to the Fradi Museum, you are automatically entitled to participate in the stadium tour. You can buy your ticket in person, on the spot or online:


Please ask about free dates (especially for bigger groups) at Fradi Museum on spot, or by sending email at fradimuzeum@fradi.hu.

Opening hours

Monday - Closed
Tuesday-Friday 10.00-18.00
On weekends 10.00-16.00

Admission is free for children under 6 and over 70.

Visiting the museum and the stadium takes approximately 50 minutes

Contact us

Groupama Aréna
1091 Budapest, Üllői út 129.
e-mail: fradimuzeum@fradi.hu
telefon, phone nr.: 06 1 455 23 00

Csaba Tobak – Museum Director
József Vincze – Deputy Museum Director
Edit Tóth – Museum referee
Sebestyén Farkas – Museum referee, historian

For further information please check our Facebook page.


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